Manchester Proud

Manchester Proud is a community-based movement, led by the people of Manchester, who are committed to:

    • Bringing Manchester together to create a shared vision of what our public schools can be.
    • Creating an innovative, comprehensive, strategic plan to guide us to our Vision.
      • Initiating the first-ever-city-wide public education plan for the people, by the people to ensure the highest quality education for our students
    • Ensuring that our Plan empowers all of our students to ACHIEVE greater success if fully realized.


Your voice matters because…

The reputation of our city’s educational system impacts everyone who lives and works here.

Your voice matters because…

Decisions made about our schools can impact students and communities for a lifetime.

Your voice matters because…

Decisions should not be made in isolation, but instead, with input from all community members.

Your voice matters because…

This is a unique opportunity to take part in mapping out the future for our city.

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Our work is underway. Follow us to receive updates on our progress in reaching our goal to roll-out a new plan for our schools by early 2020!