By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator

The resignation of Dr. Goldhardt, after a short two and one-half years as the superintendent of the Manchester School District, comes as a disappointment, but not a surprise.  These are turbulent times in our public schools, with dramatic turnover of leadership across the country.  Note recent headlines of Boston Public Schools in turmoil due to an exodus of its leadership.

Following the announcement of Dr. Goldhardt’s departure, we have had several inquiries questioning its impact on the work and progress of Manchester Proud.  Rest assured that without exception our initiatives continue to move forward, enabled by broad community support and driven by our passion for our students and the making of exceptional public schools.

Since its founding, our Champion’s Council has wisely and intentionally positioned Manchester Proud for collaboration with, rather than dependence upon, any individual school leader or elected official.  Our work is distinguished by its focus on big picture, long-term, systemic change that transcends short term challenges and changes in leadership.

Importantly, we have built constructive relationships with a breadth of our school leaders, our Board of School Committee, teachers and staff, enabling our partnerships with the district to continue unabated.   Together, we continue to make progress on the achievement of goals in the strategic plan, “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning: Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners”.  Together, we remain inspired by the potentials of our students and the opportunities ahead.

And so, we continue ONWARD!