Aimee Kereage, Community Partnerships Coordinator, Manchester Proud

Tell us about what makes Manchester special to you?

Manchester is a wealth of amazing diverse human beings, organizations, and institutions.  I have had the pleasure of working directly with several families, students, and professionals across this great city in many ways.  What I experience with all of them, whether it is a family who has been in Manchester for several generations or a recent immigrant, is a love, a commitment to the community.  This community supports people coming together to help make Manchester an amazing place to call home.

How are you involved in Manchester Proud and why is this work important to you?

I began working with Manchester Proud as a volunteer.  After learning more and being more deeply involved I grew to love the vision and mission of the movement.  I am proud to be the first official staff member of Manchester Proud, serving as the Community Partnerships Coordinator.  In this role, I get to do what I love, working with the community and schools to build bridges that support students and families.  I am surrounded by amazing and committed volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make Proud a collaborative, transformative city-wide movement.

Fast forward five years: share with us your aspirations and vision for Manchester’s public schools.

My aspirations and vision for Manchester schools is to make all schools equitable, high performing and supportive of our families.  I want schools to be a haven for the communities they represent, provide support and connections, and help students and families feel included and involved in the decisions that support our community.  I hope for clear career pathways for our students so that they work in this community, live in this community, and raise the next generation of Manchester students and leaders.  And at the end say Manchester has the best schools and I am so glad I went there.