Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you?

Jeanine Tousignant, President, Jeanine & Company.

I’ve lived in Manchester for 20 years, and have always worked for and with nonprofit organizations.  For the past 7 years through my consulting firm, Jeanine & Company, it’s been a real honor to help nonprofits build resources, craft smart strategies and deliver services to thousands of people in our community.  Manchester is such a melting pot of people, institutions, traditions, innovations and so much more.  As the largest city in the state, there’s so much richness here and possibilities for even more – that’s why Manchester is special to me.

How are you involved in Manchester Proud and why is this work important to you?

Through Manchester Proud, I volunteer as a member of the Fundraising Committee and write all the grants to foundations. I’ve also helped facilitate community convenings during the formation of the strategic plan.  This work is important to me because I grew up in Massachusetts in a similar school system to Manchester.  Having experienced the difficulties of that first hand as a student, if I can be part of lifting up our educational system for future students and the community, I consider that a truly worthy endeavor and an honor.  Our future is all about the children of today!

Fast forward five years: share with us your aspirations and vision for Manchester’s public schools.

Vibrancy, happiness, choice, diversity and an educational system that people are clamoring to be part of.  A strong arts program is key, solid educational foundation, celebration of diversity among students and teachers, community involvement and opportunities for education and partnership in and out of the classroom. The entire community will feel the school system’s success is their responsibility and positively influence it as such. We can do this!