Champions Council Members2018-09-18T13:14:46-04:00

While we have formed a Champions Council to create the legal authority needed for us to contract with consultants, the real work of Manchester Proud is undertaken by work groups and individual volunteers.  Our work groups meet to facilitate our community engagement plan, define our strategic initiatives, and coordinate communications. Most importantly, they are being populated diversely by representatives from across our community.

Members of our Champions Council include:

  • Dick Anagnost
  • Robert Baines
  • Ellie Cochran
  • Kathleen Cook
  • Mary Heath
  • Talmira Hill
  • Will Kanteres
  • Frederic Loeffler
  • Patricia Lynott
  • Pawn Nitichan
  • Nick Soggu
  • Arthur Sullivan

Barry Brensinger serves as Manchester Proud’s Coordinator.