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Members of the Community Planning Group include parents, teachers, students, administrators, city staff and community and business leaders. The group concluded its work in early 2020, when the Board of School Committee accepted the community’s plan for our schools. 

CPG Members


James O’Connell,* Anthony Poore, Michael Porter* and Trinidad Tellez


Amanda Egan, Charles Chretien, Abigail Gemme, Norma Gonzalez, Liz Kirwan and Katie Labranche


Christina Bui, Kimiya Parker-Hill, Hunter Churchill** and Grace Puninu**

Community Members

Michael Delaney, Diane Fitzpatrick, Rev. Eric Jackson, Nicole Lora, Deo Mwano,  Mike Skelton and Meredith Young

School District Office

Dr. John Goldhardt**, Joede Brown, Donna K. Crook and Jennifer Gillis

School District Administrators

Lizabeth MacDonald and Forrest Ransdell

Manchester Proud Council

Amy Allen, Patricia Lynott and Will Kanteres

City of Manchester

Public Health Director Anna Thomas


*Pictured but resigned from the CPG to seek elected office.

**Not pictured. Joined the CPG after the photograph was taken.

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