The supporters of Manchester Proud are thrilled to announce the hanging of our latest Elm Street Banner – a grateful community’s tribute to the teachers and staff of the Manchester School District.   Today, teachers and staff representing the District gathered beneath the banner to accept our heartfelt Thank You!

“The past two years of being in a pandemic have been difficult. Students and teachers had to do their best to navigate normally, while the world was (is still) not normal. We appreciate our teachers and staff who stepped up during this ongoing challenging time”, said Joede Brown of Manchester Proud’s Council.

“Supporting our students has been Manchester educators’ number one priority since the beginning of the pandemic. Our educators’ commitment to meet the varied needs of students and families in Manchester does not go unnoticed. While there have been many challenges, and some that still lie ahead, we celebrate their passion for teaching and dedication to make positive impacts in our schools”, said Katie Labranche, Manchester Proud’s Council Chair.

Manchester Proud wants Manchester School District teachers and staff to know that the community recognizes their personal commitments and exceptional work in the face of most trying times.  We extend the admiration and appreciation of parents, students, and citizens across the city.