In the course of creating a plan to guide the future of our schools – and therefore our city, we benefited from the expertise of Manchester leaders working in the fields of finance and governance. They were asked to take a deeper dive into those two areas of the plan and propose additional solutions for the Community Planning Group to consider. 

Members of the Exploratory Work Group for Finance included:

  • Dr. Gregory Baxter 
  • Greg Bird
  • Kevin Clougherty
  • Wayne Robinson
  • Dennis Ryan
  • Nathan Saller

Members of the Exploratory Work Group for Governance included:

  • Carolyn Benthien
  • Thomas Blonski
  • Tom Donovan
  • Susan Huard
  • Max Latona
  • Selma Naccach-Hoff
  • Timothy Soucy
  • Dr. Trinidad Tellez