Tonight, November 21, 2023, at the Board of Mayor & Alderman Meeting, Manchester School District Superintendent of Schools, Jennifer Chimiel Gillis, Ed.D. is requesting the approval of the Long Term Facilities Plan – Priority One. Manchester Proud supports this work and believes that this will provide the facilities that our students deserve for their education.
This planning project has been underway with vendor, SMMA since March of 2023. The purpose of this is to provide a long-term facility plan for the district. The team has been working with the board-approved concept of 3 High Schools, 4 Middle Schools, and 12 Elementary Schools.
This project is large and is broken up into two priority lists. This first list includes the following recommendations:
– To close Wilson Elementary School for the fall of 2024.
– To build a new elementary school at the McDonough Elementary School site.
– To locate modular classroom space at: Beech, McDonough, Parkside, Southside, McLaughlin, and Hillside in June 2024.
– To approve additions and renovations at all four of our middle schools.
– To approve up to $306 Million – Priority One budget.