Strong school to community partnerships are essential for meeting the needs of 21st-century learners. Manchester Proud plays a crucial role in aligning student opportunities with the resources and needs of local businesses. From our earliest days, Manchester Proud has been supported by our business partners who, like us, are focused on the success of our community. We know that a thriving school district is essential to a thriving community and we are poised to move to the next step.

Building our next workforce in Manchester.

We have built trust, partnerships, and systems – we are here and we are ready.

Manchester Proud in collaboration with the Manchester School District has created an integrated Career Connected Learning Initiative that engages students, families, and local businesses, providing opportunities for students at every grade band to experience and learn from our local business partners.

Career Connected Learning is an approach that combines classroom learning with real-world experiences and opportunities related to careers. The goal is to prepare students for the workforce by providing them with practical skills, knowledge, and exposure to a variety of careers. Businesses can participate in a variety of levels: building awareness in classrooms or schools by participating in career days; speaking in classes or hosting tours; helping students explore careers by hosting job shadows; helping with mock interviews; or deeper career exploration discussions. This initiative also allows for full immersion into industries by hosting students as interns and apprentices. Building awareness, exploring careers, and immersing students provides opportunities for students as young as kindergarteners to learn about what happens at a business and for older students to gain in-depth, hands-on experiences.

The goal of Manchester Proud’s Career Connected Learning Initiative is to bridge the gap between education and the workforce, making sure that students are best prepared to enter the workforce and that companies are engaged and active participants in the process. This holistic approach supports not only the needs of the child but the needs of the community – creating a rich and thriving partnership.

The Career Connected Learning Initiative is beneficial to our students, families, and businesses. Students are exposed to different career pathways. This is essential for their personal and professional development, enabling them to make informed decisions, acquire diverse skills, and navigate the complexities of the modern job market.

Companies involved in career-connected learning for students contribute to the development of a well-prepared and skilled workforce, while simultaneously benefiting from a range of advantages related to talent acquisition, innovation, and community engagement.

Manchester Proud is eager to prioritize this work over the next several years. We are uniquely positioned to help support the creation and successful implementation of this initiative. Due to strong business connections and strong relationships with the schools, we are able to help bridge the divide between the two silos – breaking them down and creating unique opportunities across the community.

Our businesses want to do the work, our schools are eager to do the work and Manchester Proud is able to provide the map. ONWARD!

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