Manchester voters will be presented with an important opportunity on November 3rd to ensure the future and success of our public schools is firmly in hands of the citizens of Manchester. That opportunity is to vote YES on Question 1.

Voting YES on Question 1 empowers the citizens of Manchester to have the authority to make future changes to the school district sections of the city charter without also needing approval from state legislators. This change, and submission of this ballot question, was recommended by a commission of community members charged with developing potential revisions to the school district elements of Manchester’s city charter.

Manchester Proud believes the case for voting YES on Question 1 is clear.

A YES vote supports local control by allowing Manchester voters to directly approve charter revisions that improve our public schools.

A no vote ensures the status quo, where charter revisions to improve our public schools require approval by state legislators in Concord.

Voting YES on Question 1 does not amend or change the current city charter. A YES vote simply strengthens the ability of the citizens of Manchester to potentially make changes in the future that improve our public schools.

Central to the mission and purpose of Manchester Proud is the belief that our public schools are stronger when our community is fully engaged in their success and direction. Ensuring that the citizens of Manchester have the unfettered ability to amend our city charter in pursuit of improving our schools aligns strongly with this core belief.

On November 3rd Manchester Proud encourages voters to vote YES on Question 1!

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