Manchester Proud hosted its first town hall on Thursday, August 28 at the Manchester Public Library on Pine Street. Attendees learned more about Manchester Proud, the community-based movement led by the people of Manchester, and what comes next.

About 50 people attended, including Mayor Joyce Craig, Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas, and Assistant Superintendent Amy Allen. Manchester Proud Champions Council members Kathy Cook, Will Kanteres, Bob Baines, and Representative Mary Heath also joined teachers, parents, community members, and others at the event.
“Attendees were excited to hear about the work of Manchester Proud, and eager to get involved. Many signed up to talk to Manchester residents through our neighborhood canvassing, and there were many ideas generated on how to engage all communities of Manchester: students, families, small business owners, folks who speak other languages, and more,” said Liz Canada, Reaching Higher NH’s Director of Community Engagement.

Here are some highlights from the Q&A portion of the event:

How will MP share community survey results?
The Community Survey will go live on Friday, August 31 – and the results will be shared in aggregate form at the end. We anticipate keeping this live from August 31 to December 31.
How will student voice be reflected?
Manchester Proud is hosting listening sessions at every school this fall; the listening sessions will be within affinity groups. That means, there will be designated sessions for teachers, for support staff, for families, and for students. We are also reaching out to community organizations and stakeholders beyond the school buildings – so there will be many opportunities!
Will MP reach out to teachers more than this Town Hall?
Yes! We’re meeting with staff this coming Friday at many of the Manchester schools.
What about small organizations – can they be a part of listening sessions?
They sure can. If you’re interested in talking with us, we’re interested in listening.
How will you address language barriers?
We want to connect with as many people in Manchester as possible – and we will need to interpret and translate our materials. If you’re interested/willing/able, please let us know. Our plan is to work with community partners, but if you have recommendations or connections, please reach out by emailing us at!
We want to reach as many people in the city as possible and are planning events all over the city. For more information, check out our Events page. And, to share your views about Manchester, complete the community survey.