After a rigorous, six-month search process, our Consultant Selection Work Group has chosen 2Revolutions, LLC as a partner to guide the next phase of work in creating an aspirational and achievable strategic plan for the Manchester School District.

2Revolutions is a national education design lab that has successfully led over 400 professional learning and design projects in over 35 states. In the past five years alone, they led 20+ school design processes with 300+ school design teams.

“We had an outstanding response to our request for proposals and ultimately reviewed and scored seven. The Work Group unanimously chose 2Revolutions because they demonstrated a clear commitment to community-centric education and a deep understanding of equity and how it applies to students from various backgrounds, learning styles, and other contexts. Their portfolio of work exhibited vast experience working with educators as partners. For this work to be successful, the support and engagement of our teachers is a must,” said Meryl Levin, Executive Director of Mill Falls Charter School, who served on the Work Group.

“Perhaps most importantly, 2Revolutions showed an eagerness to tailor their approach to Manchester. They truly stood apart from other applicants with their willingness to authentically engage with the community in a creative and innovative way, so that the community will be deeply involved in each step of the process while leveraging the strengths this group brings to the table,” continued Levin.

2Revolutions’ partnership with Manchester Proud is grounded in this shared commitment to serving and representing the people of Manchester; as part of their initial work, 2Revolutions will build on all of the listening sessions, neighborhood canvasses, surveys, and other community engagement initiatives led by Manchester Proud since its launch earlier this year. All of this community input will inform the design of a preliminary plan developed with 2Revolutions’ partnership. Once drafted, community members will have several opportunities to review the plan and provide feedback. A final version will be submitted to the Board of School Committee for consideration in the fall of 2019. This process is funded entirely by private citizens, business leaders, and community organizations in Manchester.

“2Revolutions has been engaged in a range of work throughout New Hampshire, including Manchester since 2011. We believe our first-hand knowledge of the context of the state makes us strong partners. We have learned that ‘Live Free or Die’ is a living concept in New Hampshire public education. We respect the importance and power of local communities to steer public education and we’re excited to leverage our unique skill set to support such an important, community-driven transformation effort,” said Adam Rubin, Founder & Partner of 2Revolutions.

Manchester Proud’s Consultant Selection Work Group critically vetted the group’s portfolio of work across the country and in New Hampshire.

Sean McMannon, Superintendent of Winooski School District in Vermont, noted,”2Revolutions demonstrated a clear commitment to working with our educators, students, families, and the broader community in a genuine partnership. They understand that our students’ success depends on the community’s support and their partnership has led to a community-based system of learning that has expanded opportunities for all of our students. We can now cast a wider net and reach students who we could not in the past.”

2Revolutions led the design of Manchester School of Technology eight years ago. Karen Machado, the school’s Principal, said “they understood that students who have different learning styles, paces, and interests thrive in an environment that is responsive to their needs. 2Revolutions was truly committed to helping us empower each and every student to be successful. As a result, student engagement has increased and our graduation and attendance rates are the highest in the district. Student and family satisfaction has soared, and this is a school that families want their kids to be at.”

Manchester Proud’s Consultant Selection Work Group consisted of a broad range of community members and subject-matter experts that included Manchester educators, business leaders, and individuals with strong connections to community organizations from across the city. The Work Group also included individuals with deep expertise in education strategic planning. The diverse range of backgrounds reflects Manchester Proud’s commitment to building a strategic plan being by and for the people of Manchester.