Manchester Proud has recently begun the process of adding to our Champion’s Council to expand capacity and increase community representation.  Our Champion’s Council governs the mission and work of Manchester Proud and members also serve on various Work Groups. Several current Council members are nearing the end of their terms, making this the right time to solicit new members through an open community application process. Our Membership and Equity Work Group prepared an assessment of Council skills and needs to guide the review and selection of applicants..
Upon receipt of applications, candidates’ names were removed before distribution to the selection committee, making the process as fair and objective as possible. About the application and selection process, Kathleen Cook, Facilitator of the Membership Work Group describes, “It was inspiring to see how dedicated people are to the community, schools, and students”.
A vote of the Council will take place in April to elect the new members, who will be announced by May 1, 2023. From there, new Council members will go through an onboarding process to ensure they are fully aware of the mission, values, and operations of Manchester Proud.
Going forward, Manchester Proud intends to issue an annual request for potential new Council members’ applications. Kathleen Cook says, “Community involvement is needed and wanted, it’s about a balance of personal and professional skill sets”.