State budget gives Manchester schools an additional $15 million over two years

The Manchester School District will receive an additional $15 million in the state budget signed today by Gov. Chris Sununu.

The increase will be spread over two years. Manchester is slated to receive about $3.5 million more in fiscal year 2020 (this school year) and $11.5 million more in fiscal year 2021 (next school year), for a total of $15 million more than it would have over those two years.

The additional funding comes from:

  • The full restoration of stabilization grants.
  • Full funding for kindergarten. Previously, the state paid half the cost of kindergarten with the possibility of additional funding from keno revenue.
  • A new increase in per-pupil funding for “property poor” communities, a category that includes Manchester.
  • Additional state funding for free and reduced lunch aid. 

The latter two sources of funding will exist for only fiscal year 2021 and will subsequently be repealed.

For those looking to better understand the budget compromise, read Reaching Higher NH’s detailed analysis of the proposed budget. For more information about how New Hampshire funds its public schools, follow the same link and scroll down to the five-part series at bottom of the page.