Mayor Joyce Craig, who has been an ally to Manchester Proud’s efforts, highlighted the movement in a recent article for the Union Leader where she highlighted the effort’s dedication to the city:

“Since being sworn in as mayor in January, I’ve been encouraged and energized by the outpouring of support from members of our community who are committed to making Manchester a better place. Together, we’re building a more transparent, collaborative, and prosperous city.

“Here, you can open or expand a business, raise a family, receive an exceptional higher education, work for a nationally recognized employer, shop at a growing number of storefronts, and dine and unwind in the region’s finest restaurants, bars and breweries.

“We are improving educational opportunities, collaboratively confronting the opioid epidemic, finding new ways to support our economy, and making the office of the mayor more accessible than ever before.

“Improving Manchester’s public education system motivated me to run for public office, and I’m proud we are making progress on this critical issue. In the last nine months we’ve partnered with a group of local business and education leaders who founded Manchester Proud to raise funds to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to improve our public schools. Additionally, Velcro Companies is working with the city on Velcro University, a project that transformed a classroom at West High School and will provide educational opportunities to help our students are college and career ready.”

Read the rest of her article, where she highlights other community efforts, here: Joyce Craig: Collaboration is key to a thriving Queen City.