2811, 2022

Manchester Proud Now Hiring Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator - Manchester Proud Manchester Proud (MP) is seeking to hire a Communications Coordinator to co-develop, manage, and implement its community communications plan. The Communications Coordinator is a new part-time position, reporting to Manchester Proud’s Volunteer Coordinator and Community Partnerships Coordinator. The Communications Coordinator will work remotely, but local

1411, 2022

Proud Connections: Power of Partnership with Fidelity

On September 13th nearly 30 employees from Fidelity Investments gathered in the library of Henry Wilson Elementary School to create welcome bags for close to 240 new staff members of the Manchester School District.  These bags were then distributed by Fidelity staff members to each of the 21 schools! "It

1411, 2022

School Spotlight: Smyth Road School

Q&A with Smyth Road School Principal, Jennifer Briggs What makes your school unique?    We are the proud RoadRunners! We are known for having a school of staff and students with very deep roots in the community of Manchester. Teachers spend their full careers here, and many generations of families

1411, 2022

Champion Spotlight: Sandra Almonte

Small Business Owner, MHT Resident, Parent & Manchester Proud Champions Council President. Tell us about what makes Manchester special to you? Manchester is special to me because as soon as I visited our Queen City for the first time back in 1998, I felt that this was the place I

1411, 2022

Imagine the Schools of Our Dreams

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator Great progress, the kind that reshapes our lives, often begins with bold imagination.  Edison imagined safely lighting the darkness of night (1879).  The Wright brothers studied the flight of birds, with curiosity and imagination (1903).  Engineers at Bell Labs imagined portable, hand-held telephones, and

809, 2022

CelebratED MHT! A Festival of OUR Public Schools and Community

  Come one and all to Manchester’s second annual festival of our public schools and community: CelebratED MHT!, presented by USI Insurance Services. The festivities will roll out on September 17th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Manchester, NH. It’s time to welcome back our students,

809, 2022

Celebrate with Purpose

  By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator CelebratED 2022 is now only days away!   We are looking forward to seeing you in Veteran’s Park on September 17th for a day-long festival to celebrate our public schools and community.  If you enjoy great food, live entertainment, swelling pride, and the glowing

108, 2022

Manchester Proud Student Volunteer Award Winners!

Congratulations to Our Student Volunteer Award Winners!  Manchester Proud announced its first annual Student Volunteer Awards in Spring of 2022, in recognition of outstanding student volunteers who demonstrate a deep commitment to impacting the lives of others and the greater Manchester Community. Awards were granted to four amazing students that

108, 2022

Amplifying Our Essential Work in the Year Ahead

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator Manchester Proud’s mission remains clear and compelling.  We engage our community in the making of exceptional public schools.  We are inspired by a fundamental truth that has been reaffirmed time and time again during the past four years of our work:  Manchester’s public schools

1807, 2022

Champion Spotlight: Edna Rays Ndayisaba, Manchester Proud Intern

Tell us about what makes Manchester special to you? Edna Rays Ndayisaba, Intern, Manchester Proud I moved to the United states in the September of 2014 and was welcomed into Manchester NH by the International Institute of New England, New Hampshire. This is the first of the United

305, 2022

Manchester Proud Establishes Student Volunteer Awards

Manchester Proud announces its first annual recognition of outstanding student volunteers. Manchester Proud has announced its first annual Student Volunteer Awards, in recognition of outstanding student volunteers who demonstrate a deep commitment to impacting the lives of others and the greater Manchester Community. Four awards will be granted, and

2104, 2022

A Time to Make Our Schools Great!

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator If our goal is to engage all of Manchester in the making of exceptional public schools…..                 Then we must communicate to inform, inspire, and hear all voices. And, if our communications are to inspire and instill a sense of purpose…..                 Then we

2104, 2022

PROUD Connections: ORIS Programs for New Americans

ORIS Programs for New Americans By: Molly Stark, Food Access Coordinator, Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS) is a non-profit based out of Manchester whose mission is to “aid in the resettlement of refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire byproviding assistance, training,

1403, 2022

PROUD Connections: Make an Impact & Use the Community Compass

By: Aimee Kereage, Community Partnerships Coordinator, Manchester Proud Manchester Proud is a community movement focused on the making of exceptional public schools.  No longer is it solely the responsibility of public education to do this, but for our community to grow and prosper we must all support and help drive

1403, 2022

Nurturing Future Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Manchester High School

By: Shanthi Nair, EnCube Labs Innovators and entrepreneurs transform communities by creating jobs and wealth. Introducing school children to the required skills and mindset is essential to nurturing future problem solvers and job creators. The New Hampshire-based National Collaborative For Digital Equity (NCDE) and NH Tech Alliance (NHTA) will partner

2502, 2022

Assurance of Continuity

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator The resignation of Dr. Goldhardt, after a short two and one-half years as the superintendent of the Manchester School District, comes as a disappointment, but not a surprise.  These are turbulent times in our public schools, with dramatic turnover of leadership across the country. 

1502, 2022

Elm Street Banner Thanks MSD Teachers and Staff

The supporters of Manchester Proud are thrilled to announce the hanging of our latest Elm Street Banner – a grateful community’s tribute to the teachers and staff of the Manchester School District.   Today, teachers and staff representing the District gathered beneath the banner to accept our heartfelt Thank You! "The

2012, 2021

PROUD Connections: Donors Choose

By: Aimee Kereage Connections, relationships, impacts. These are things that lift and strengthen us as human beings.  Connections within our community, support of and from our “neighbors”, relationships that help us feel welcome and valued. Wanting to make an impact in our community looks different for each of us and

2012, 2021

Growing Momentum and the Work Ahead

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator  ONWARD! has become Manchester Proud’s call to action. The essentiality of our purpose and the growing groundswell of community support for our students and schools compel us to move forward. On December 2nd, with these inspirations in mind, our Champion’s Council met to begin

511, 2021

Change IS Underway – Manchester School District

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud Coordinator  Getting “school” right is the most impactful work we can do as a community.  Manchester’s public schools are the source of our doers, builders, creators, caregivers, teachers, technicians, leaders, and informed citizenry – making our schools the place to face our challenges and build

511, 2021

A Reflection: Cause For Celebration and Celebration of a Cause

In September 2021, Manchester Proud and the Manchester School District partnered to champion the first ever, city-wide, festival of our public schools: CelebratED MHT! Everyone in Veteran’s Park that day wore a big smile! Bright sunshine, toe-tapping music, good food, and crowds of happy students, all free – the smiles

511, 2021

Champion Spotlight: Tina Philibotte, MSD Chief Equity Officer

Tina Philibotte, Chief Equity Officer, Manchester School District Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you? I joined the Manchester School District in July 2021 as the district’s first Chief Equity Officer. Previous to that, I spent 13

511, 2021

Manchester Proud Hires New Community Partnerships Coordinator

Aimee Kereage, Community Partnerships Coordinator, Manchester Proud Manchester Proud recently hired Aimee Kereage as its new Community Partnership Coordinator.  The Community Partnerships Coordinator position was created by Manchester Proud’s Partnership Network Work Group in response to the need to build and align community partners and resources in support

408, 2021

CelebratED MHT!

September 17, 2022 - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Veteran's Park, Manchester Schedule of Events Map Sponsors

2705, 2021

School Board Award Evokes Positive Community Response

The New Hampshire School Boards Association has selected the Manchester Board of School Committee as its 2021 School Board of the Year. The announcement comes in the midst of a challenging year for schools, as districts have been forced to constantly shift approaches in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2705, 2021

GEAR UP! Providing Academic Support and College Prep for Students

GEAR UP, which stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a federal program funded by the U.S. Department of Education whose mission is to significantly increase the number of low-income middle and high school students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. The goals

1904, 2021

Collaborative Manchester Meals Program Marks Major Milestone

Aimee Kereage of the Granite United Way, Steve Thiel of Southern New Hampshire University, Dr. Jenn Gillis of Manchester School District, and Jess Riendeau of the Granite YMCA pose for a photo with a proclamation from Mayor Joyce Craig recognizing the impact of the Fuel Our Families project. Kereage,

1904, 2021

Erasing the Lines Between School and Community – April 2021 Update

By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud; Aimee Kereage, Granite United Way; Steve Thiel, SNHU  Great schools of the future will be fully integrated into the daily lives of their communities; vitalized by activities during and beyond traditional school hours.  They will provide a diversity of services and supports for students and their

1904, 2021

Senior Year In a Pandemic

By: MSD Student Allison Herman Central High School Senior, Allison Herman Taking a step back and looking at the world around you when feeling overwhelmed is something my mentors have always instilled in me. After the initial stride, you then take a deep breath and reflect. It is

1903, 2021

Champion Spotlight: Kelly Jobel

Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you? Kelly Jobel, Teacher, Manchester School District This is my 21st year working in the Manchester School District. During this time I have had several different roles at Parker-Varney School and

903, 2021

ONWARD! Dashboard Progress Report

[Click here to enlarge graphic] ONWARD! “Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners” Progress Report by Manchester Proud’s Dashboard Work Group March 8, 2021 The exuberance of February 20, 2020, the day our Board of School Committee adopted our District’s new strategic plan, was still in our hearts and minds when

2602, 2021

Champion Spotlight: Christina Bui

Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you? My name is Christina Bui. I am 16 years old and I am a junior in high school. I have been a part of Manchester Proud for about 3 years and have

2602, 2021

A Sneak Peek: Year One Progress Report

Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning – Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners Year One Progress Report Incredibly, it has been one year since the Board of School Committee adopted our district’s new strategic plan, “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning – Excellence and Equity for

902, 2021

MSD Receives Donation of 13,000 Resuable Water Bottles

Elizabeth Kirwan, EL Teacher, Manchester High School West & Manchester Proud Champions Council Member with Manchester West Students Manchester Proud Donates 13,000 Reusable Water Bottles to MSD Aramark Team uloading donated water bottles from delivery trucks The Manchester School District received a donation this January of

2201, 2021

Champion Spotlight: Jeanine Tousignant

Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you? Jeanine Tousignant, President, Jeanine & Company. I’ve lived in Manchester for 20 years, and have always worked for and with nonprofit organizations.  For the past 7 years through my consulting

2201, 2021

The Unlimited Power of Partnership – January 2021 Update

The Unlimited Power of Partnership January 2021 Update By: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud; Robert McLaughlin, National Collaborative for Digital Equity; Mary Ford, SNHU School of Education Just days after the rousing adoption of our community’s new strategic plan for Manchester’s public schools, back on February 20, 2020, COVID-19 began to reshape our

3011, 2020

Champion Spotlight: Damond T. Ford

Tell us a little about yourself and your role in the community. What makes Manchester special to you? MHT Proud Champion of the Month: Damond T. Ford I moved to Manchester 10 years ago to serve with City Year NH at Parker-Varney Elementary school. I am currently the

3011, 2020

Learning Equity: How Covid-19 Enhanced Equitable Teaching Practice

By Joe Bowe and Jillian Corey Our schema was that teaching in a building with students coming to campus makes it possible to control the learning environment and the tools students use for skill and knowledge acquisition.  Much of this can be done in an organic and sometimes casual fashion

3011, 2020

November 2020 Update

Barry Brensinger,Design Principal at Lavallee Brensinger Architects; MHT Proud Coordinator By Barry Brensinger OUR EQUITY IMPERATIVE Equity is on our mind and centered in our work.  Our increasing awareness of the need for Equity in our schools, community, and country is long overdue.  Manchester Proud is determined to

2310, 2020

Manchester Proud Endorses Ballot Question: Vote YES on Question 1!

Manchester voters will be presented with an important opportunity on November 3rd to ensure the future and success of our public schools is firmly in hands of the citizens of Manchester. That opportunity is to vote YES on Question 1. Voting YES on Question 1 empowers the citizens of Manchester

2310, 2020

October 2020 Update

Teaming-up for Enhanced Communications The Greater Manchester Chamber has been an ardent supporter of Manchester Proud since the movement’s founding three years ago.  And, Manchester Proud’s partnership with the Manchester School District continues to grow in depth and effectiveness as shared initiatives to realize the goals of the new strategic

1008, 2020

Newsletter: School funding and “Giving Back”

Be bold and brave Manchester Proud added its voice to a call for more equitable school funding in its recent testimony to the state’s Commission to Study School Funding. The Commission, a group of six lawmakers and ten members of the public, is tasked with recommending changes to the state’s

1008, 2020

Be Bold, Be Brave

Manchester Proud recently added its voice to a call for more equitable school funding in its testimony to the state’s Commission to Study School Funding. The Commission, a group of six lawmakers and ten members of the public, is tasked with recommending changes to the state’s funding of public schools

2207, 2020

July Newsletter: Much to celebrate

July 22, 2020: Generous donor endorses plan $120,000 grant for School-Community Partnerships We are thrilled to announce that even in the face of current challenges, progress continues on Manchester School District’s new strategic plan, “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning; Excellence and Equity for all Learners."  Working with the District’s leadership,

2007, 2020

Donor funds key piece of strategic plan

Plan’s School-Community Partnerships move forward with $120,000 grant Even in the face of current challenges, progress on Manchester School District’s new strategic plan, “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning; Excellence and Equity for all Learners,” continues. Working with the District’s leadership, Manchester Proud has secured a $120,000 grant

807, 2020

Our schools are great when we work together

Last fall, Manchester Proud’s Coordinator, Barry Brensinger, was invited to deliver a TEDx Talk on the mission and work of Manchester Proud. The talk explores why our public schools are essential to our collective future and offers a vision of what they can be – if we work together to

2106, 2020

Newsletter: School committed to ending systemic racism

June 19, 2020 Newsletter Breaking down structures of systemic racism Superintendent Dr. Goldhardt reiterated his commitment to ensuring equity for all students - in every classroom in a recent statement on the killing of George Floyd. He applauded students for organizing peaceful calls for racial justice but said that’s just

806, 2020

Help Manchester Celebrate – by lip-syncing

Media Youth Power wants your help making a music video. Sign up by June 12. This story is a collaboration between Manchester Proud and the Manchester Community Partnership group. In a time when media is consumed by upsetting and difficult events, Media Power Youth doesn’t want the Manchester community to

1605, 2020

Newsletter: Team effort to feed our families

May 15, 2020 Newsletter We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Manchester School District, introduce our new Champions Council officers, tell you about a recent award, and ask for your help honoring our school employees.  Celebrating our schools We are working with the school district to share

805, 2020

Keeping kids connected during remote learning

"What do you want to be when you grow up? This story is a new collaboration between Manchester Proud and the Manchester School District to share good news from our schools.       In the Manchester School District, remote learning extends beyond the classroom. Elementary and middle school students

1004, 2020

Newsletter: Help a student, Meet our new Champions Council

April 2020 Newsletter Dear Manchester Proud Champions, In this challenging time, we want to share some encouraging news about our schools and introduce our new Champions Council. BOSC approves teacher contract In a unanimous vote, the Board of School Committee passed a three-year contract for teachers on Wednesday night that

1903, 2020

School district’s amazing response to coronavirus

Manchester Proud Newsletter: March 19, 2020 Dear Manchester Proud Supporters, As our city, state, and nation work to keep all of us safe, we celebrate and thank our dedicated educators and school leaders for their commitment to our students in this most challenging time. We also want to update you

903, 2020

Our next steps

Manchester Proud looks ahead The Board of School Committee's 12-1 vote on Feb. 20, 2020 to "accept with gratitude" our community's plan for the future of our schools was a beginning - not an end. In early March, our Community Planning Group and Manchester Proud Champions Council had the first

1402, 2020

You asked about the plan. We’ve got your answers.

In late January, we shared a draft of our community's plan for our future schools and asked for your questions. Thank you to everyone who responded. Below you will find the questions we received and the answers. If you haven't read the plan it's on our homepage. On Thursday, Feb.

2801, 2020

Read the plan. Send your questions.

Draft plan shared with school board, community Manchester Proud delivered a draft of our community's plan for the future of our schools to the Board of School Committee Monday night, Jan. 27, 2020, to allow board members time to review the plan and seek additional information before Manchester Proud asks

2701, 2020

Catch us on TV, radio

We've been busy the last few months asking the community how it defines successful schools, working with the Board of School Committee, and sharing our work on local radio and tv stations. Catch up on our community outreach via the links below. Community Visioning Forums We held three forums in

901, 2020

Manchester Proud Newsletter: Jan. 9, 2020

Show your support. Celebrate our schools. Happy New Year Champions.  We’ve got lots of updates for you. Save the date. Show your support. We will present our plan to the Board of School Committee (BOSC) on Feb. 20, 2020 - and then ask the board to adopt it. Invite family

2012, 2019

Vote! Your voice matters.

Miss our community forums? Weigh in on online. Manchester Proud believes the great work Manchester’s nonprofits are doing with kids and families, and the resources of our business and cultural communities, would be even more beneficial to our kids and schools if their services were better aligned and coordinated.  That’s

1612, 2019

The Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee seeks Committee Coordinator

NOW HIRING: Committee Coordinator, Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee  Position Overview: The Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee seeks a Coordinator in order to build meaningful relationships with community members from groups historically underserved and underrepresented in citywide public and civic engagement initiatives. The Committee Coordinator will lead from behind by

1312, 2019

New ideas for financing schools, electing school board

Can Manchester better finance schools, improve school board efficiency? How are Manchester schools identifying students for special education? Should the school board focus on policy decisions and leave district management to school administrators?  These were some of the questions community members considered and voted on at a Manchester Proud forum

412, 2019

Voting is open

Help us choose the best ideas Should Manchester schools expand project-based learning or offer universal Pre-K? Is there value in limiting elementary classes to 20 students? These are a few of the questions community members and educators discussed and voted on at our first workshop to finalize our plan for

412, 2019

50 ideas for our future schools

Short list of ideas for rethinking education in our schools Below are our Community Planning Group's short list of ideas in five categories, in this order: Teaching and Learning, Finance, Governance, Community Partnerships, and Operational Effectiveness. Teaching & Learning Transform & Support Professional Learning Adopt a Restorative Justice Approach to

2511, 2019

Come see our Plan! Give us feedback!

It's here and you're invited! After more than a year and a half of community outreach and research, we're ready to share our plan for remodeling education in the Manchester School District. We need one more thing before we present our ideas to the Board of School Committee in mid-February:

1811, 2019

Manchester Proud shares emerging ideas with school committee members

Current and newly elected school committee members pick their top ideas   MANCHESTER - Manchester Proud and its partner 2Revolutions held a two and a half hour session with current and new Board of School Committee members on Nov. 18, 2019 to share our early ideas for remodeling education in Manchester

511, 2019

We asked New Americans to define student success

New Americans: Manchester students should be team players, problem solvers Manchester Proud asked a group of Manchester New Americans how schools can best prepare students for success. Like many parents we’ve heard from, they want their children to be critical thinkers, team players, and problem solvers. They’d like our schools

2810, 2019

We want to hear from New American families

An invite to Manchester's New American families Manchester Proud is inviting all New American families in Manchester to a conversation about education and student success. Please join us to share what you think students should know and be able to do to be successful. This free event will be held

2510, 2019

Celebrations and other news

Manchester Proud Newsletter: October 25, 2019 Connecting with the school board Our first workshop with the Board of School Committee was well-received and well-attended. In our three-hour session, board members got their first look at our community engagement findings and school district research.  In a Visioning Session with board members,

310, 2019

Manchester Proud shares findings with Board of School Committee

Manchester Proud shares findings with Board of School Committee October 16, 2019 Media contact: Barry Brensinger, Manchester Proud coordinator, 603-493-5201 MANCHESTER - Manchester Proud and its partners Reaching Higher NH and 2Revolutions held a three-hour workshop with the Board of School Committee last night to share findings from our partners’

2609, 2019

Manchester schools get additional $15 million in new state budget

State budget gives Manchester schools an additional $15 million over two years The Manchester School District will receive an additional $15 million in the state budget signed today by Gov. Chris Sununu. The increase will be spread over two years. Manchester is slated to receive about $3.5 million more in

2509, 2019

Manchester Chamber remains committed to Manchester Proud

Early survey responses We were back before the Manchester Chamber Board of Directors, one of our earliest supporters, this week with a progress update and an invite: We asked board members and their employees to complete a two-question survey that asks: What do students need to know and be able

2309, 2019

How can afterschool providers and Manchester schools partner to help kids?

Strengthening the connection between our schools and Manchester's youth-serving agencies There are many nonprofits in Manchester supporting kids, but no easy way for parents, students, and teachers to know them all or what each agency offers. Hoping to change that, Manchester Proud recently asked staff at those non-profits how we

2908, 2019

Our work is guided by local and state data

Manchester Proud has reviewed a number of local and state reports and other data sources to better understand the opportunities and challenges within the Manchester School District. Some of the most detailed resources are below. Community Engagement Research In order to authentically create community-driven plan to transform our schools, it

2208, 2019

Are you getting our newsletter?

Manchester Proud Newsletter: August 22, 2019 News Back to school We are gearing up for the start of school in September. We plan to be at open houses across the city to welcome families and educators back to school. And, in an effort to include more parent voices in our

2108, 2019

We’re proud to be part of Manchester’s Renewal.

Manchester is making news - for the right reasons. We were thrilled to be included in Business NH Magazine's recent story about Manchester's renewal, alongside the city's top-notch health care providers, innovative business start-ups, vibrant downtown, arts scene, and 11 colleges, universities, and trade schools.  We encourage you to read

508, 2019

New to Manchester? Enroll your students this month.

Three chances to enroll new students before school starts The Manchester School District is enrolling new students this month on Aug. 13, Aug. 15, and Aug. 24. This is an opportunity to take care of enrollment before the first day of school, which is Sept. 4 for all but pre-school

208, 2019

We’ve updated our timeline. Check out what we’ve done.

Where we've been, where we're going The easiest way to get up to speed on our 13 months of work is to visit our updated timeline. We've added the story that started this work, links to news articles about us, evidence of our commitment to include all of Manchester in

108, 2019

Our international community shares its ideas for our future schools.

Concerns and hopes from our international community When we talked with former refugees and immigrants at the International Institute of New England in July, nearly 50 people attended and they participated in a variety of languages, including Swahili, Spanish, Arabic, and French. We asked attendees three questions: What do they

2407, 2019

What have we done in 13 months? A lot and it’s all here.

Our Progress Report recounts our first 13 months It is fair to say that Manchester Proud’s work over the course of these 13 months has been an extraordinary mix of challenging, deeply meaningful, exhausting, and awesome fun — much as we all would hope it would be. Manchester Proud Progress

1507, 2019

Our new superintendent says all students deserve a quality education

Dr. John Goldhardt: Every Student Should Be Guaranteed a Quality Education We are thrilled our new superintendent, Dr. Goldhardt, has joined our Community Planning Group. We certainly share his views on education. Read what he has to say about education and Manchester Proud in a recent interview with the Union

107, 2019

What is Manchester Proud?

Manchester Proud: What we do. Why we do it. As Manchester Proud moves ahead with its work, it seems like a good time for a quick look back. Earlier this year, Parenting New Hampshire took readers inside Manchester Proud, from the conversation that inspired it to the core belief that

805, 2019

Thank you to the city’s teachers and schools

A note of thanks on teacher appreciation day May 7, 2019 Manchester School District RE: Teacher Appreciation Day To Our Teachers and Schools: During the past year of Manchester Proud’s Community Engagement, we have met many of you and have experienced firsthand your hard work and dedication to our students.

2904, 2019

Meet Manchester Proud’s Community Planning Group

In February, Manchester Proud conducted a city-wide application process, seeking volunteers to join its new Community Planning Group. The work of this group will ensure the development of Manchester School District’s new strategic plan is driven by the community and responsive to its feedback. An independent Selection Committee was tasked

2304, 2019

Join Manchester Proud’s Walk to End Hunger Team

Join Manchester Proud's Walk to End Hunger Team Manchester Proud invites you, your friends and family (and even your dog) to join its team for Families in Transition-New Horizons' annual Walk to End Hunger on May 19. The 5K walk though Manchester raises money to help Families in Transition-New Horizons

803, 2019

Manchester Proud wraps up listening sessions across the city

Manchester Proud recently wrapped up listening sessions across the city with a wide range of participants who wanted to have a voice in the effort to develop a new strategic plan for the Manchester School District. These sessions were crucial to the overall work of crafting a comprehensive and impactful

3001, 2019

Manchester School District announces RFP for Superintendent Search Firm

Just passing along this information from the Manchester School District! The Manchester School District (MSD) through the Superintendent Search Committee (SSC) is seeking requests for proposals for a professional services firm to assist the district in a search for a Superintendent. Inquiries should be directed to Angela Carey by emailing

2801, 2019

Here’s what happened at last week’s town hall

Last Wednesday, we held a town hall gathering at Memorial High School to update community members on what Manchester Proud has accomplished, introduce our new partner, 2Revolutions, and examine how the initiative’s next phase of work will unfold. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts and perspectives.

2201, 2019

Community Planning Group Applications are Open Until Feb 5

Manchester Proud is a community movement working to better understand, appreciate, and support our public schools. Central to our mission is the creation of a new, comprehensive strategic plan for the Manchester School District.   In order to ensure that the new strategic plan is truly by and for our

512, 2018

Thank you to our volunteers, donors, and supporters!

A big thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters who helped prepare and participate in walking with us in Manchester’s Annual Christmas Parade this weekend! The parade has been a long-standing tradition in the city for over ten years and is run by InTown Manchester, who selected us

2910, 2018

Manchester Proud to hold listening sessions across the city

Manchester Proud wants to hear directly from you about your experiences in Manchester! We will be holding listening sessions across the city to hear from students, families, teachers, and district and support staff on what’s important to them, the challenges and opportunities they see, and

1910, 2018

Commitment to schools is key to maintaining city’s growth

Manchester Ink Link’s Ben Dion highlighted new businesses in the city in a recent column, all with the common mission of uniting the community and bringing people to Manchester. Like these businesses, investments in our public schools will help families, professionals, and new businesses make the decision to come to

1610, 2018

Mayor Craig kicks off community office hours

Mayor Joyce Craig is holding community office hours where members of the public are invited to stop by for informal conversation and to share ideas about the city. Each event will include a department head from the city, who will also be available for conversation and to answer questions.

1510, 2018

Currier hosts educator workshop with artist Ethan Murrow

The Currier Museum of Art is hosting an educator workshop, “Making marvels: an interdisciplinary educator workshop with Ethan Murrow,” on Friday, October 18. The workshop is designed for K-12 art, science, history, and English teachers, though all teachers are welcome.

1110, 2018

Why we support Manchester Proud: A Principal’s Perspective

Bill Krantz, Principal of McLaughlin Middle School, and Scott Szuksta, Assistant Principal, recently joined Manchester Proud to canvass neighborhoods in their school district. Bill shared with us why he joined Manchester Proud and why he’s encouraging others to do the same.

910, 2018

Why we support Manchester Proud: A family perspective

We recently met Alicia Parker, a longtime resident of Manchester, and her daughter Kimiya, a student at West High School. They joined Manchester Proud last month to canvass their neighborhood. Below, they share about the experience, and why they are part of the Manchester Proud effort. 

1009, 2018

Manchester Proud hosts first town hall

Manchester Proud hosted its first town hall on Thursday, August 28 at the Manchester Public Library on Pine Street. Attendees learned more about Manchester Proud, the community-based movement led by the people of Manchester, and what comes next.

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