By Lauren Boisvert, Community Communications Director

On March 8, 2024, The Weston 4th and 5th grade basketball team celebrated their championship season. They celebrated with a pizza party and the reveal of their banner. A banner that will be proudly displayed at the school for years to come! The team is made of up of fourteen 4th and 5th-grade boys and two coaches, Jon LaVallee and Jon Ramos (both have sons on the team). 

Jon LaVallee, the coach of the team and parent to a student on the team has been coaching for 7-8 years, Jon’s oldest son is even coaching with the middle school team! About the team, he said, “We wish the season was longer, they are a great team. This is about building character and keeping them out of trouble. They need this”. Logan, a 5th grader and Jon’s son, tells us what it is like to have his dad as the coach, “It’s cool because I get to go home with him and he helps me and gives me pointers”. 

Gavin, a 5th grader who has been on the team for the past two years, explained that his favorite part of the team was, “being with my friends”. Gavin’s father joined our conversation and explained how he was deployed in the military this past year.  During his deployment, this team was really what his son needed. He said, “It was good for Gavin while I was away”. 

Aaron Junior, a 4th grader, when asked his name, responded “I’m Aaron Junior because my dad is Aaron”. His dad looked over at Aaron with a big smile.  The room is full of proud parents! Aaron Junior was excited by our conversation as he explained, “I like writing stories, like sports stories and I know how to write in cursive”. Watch out world, we have a sports reporter in the making! 

Jaymani and Jakobe are both 5th graders and second year on the team, and Jakobe’s father is coach, Jon Ramos. They were excited to sit down with us, but together. About their team, they explained, “It’s a lot of fun, our team is amazing, couldn’t have done it without them”. Jaymani and Jakobe explained they have been friends their whole lives as their parents are friends. The friendship expanded beyond the team and the students, around the room parents were gathered laughing and chatting. 

Lucas, 5th grade, says, “I like it because my friends are on the team” and another student who we previously spoke to, Aaron Junior, 4th grader, yells, “That’s what I said!”. Each student we spoke to said the same thing, they enjoyed their team because they are all friends. Chris, a 4th grader on the team explains, “I like it because they’re not in my class, but we get to be friends and can play basketball together”. Aaron Junior, 4th grader, explains, “…that’s why we won, because we are all friends.”

Following the interviews, students were given a gift bag with a sweatshirt and team photo. After opening their gift bags, the group sat down and enjoyed some cake! After receiving their gift bag, they took a group picture in their new swag yelling, “1, 2, 3 Champs!”. Asking the group if they plan on wearing their sweatshirts on Monday, a student exclaimed, “I am never taking it off”! 

These interviews were some of the most challenging that we have conducted because this group of boys are truly best of friends and were so joyful to be together playing ball, rather than sitting still for an interview. It was a real pleasure to be able to chat with this amazing team and the community surrounding them. Congratulations to the Weston Whirlwinds!