Q&A with Smyth Road School Principal, Jennifer Briggs

What makes your school unique?   

We are the proud RoadRunners! We are known for having a school of staff and students with very deep roots in the community of Manchester. Teachers spend their full careers here, and many generations of families come through Smyth Road School. Staff members are committed to supporting their school, their students and their community! Winning the CelebratED Festival’s “We Show Up” contest is evidence that in fact, the RoadRunners do show up!

What recent examples or experience make you most proud – whether of student or faculty?

We are proud of both students and staff, but must brag about the work of our staff. Despite being without an EL teacher for the large majority of the 21-22 school year, Smyth Road teachers were just presented with the ESOL Imagine Language and Literacy award for having “Students with the Highest Progress” in the district for the previous school year.

Fast forward five years: share with us your aspirations and vision for Manchester’s Public Schools.

We would love to see Manchester Schools fully staffed in all areas with consistent, equitable programs and systems in place. It would be great to see updated facilities and systems that will grow our learners and meet the needs of our 21st century students.