By: MSD Student Allison Herman

Central High School Senior, Allison Herman

Taking a step back and looking at the world around you when feeling overwhelmed is something my mentors have always instilled in me. After the initial stride, you then take a deep breath and reflect. It is a concept many of us forget to do, but is so important. Sitting sluggish at my desk during class, I often have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and reflect. When doing so, there is always one thing that comes to mind: “Holy cow, this is my senior year.” After making that statement, most high school seniors begin to reminisce about their own four years of high school. But for the class of 2021, this reflection looks a little different. 

As I sit in class and look at the screen of my classmate’s icons, I reminisce about simpler times. Often, these times were the last times, even though we did not know that they were the last. At the last pep rally, all 268 of us huddled in the tight bleachers cheering on one another. Our last homecoming dance screaming so loud the music seemed to be a whisper. Our last football game covered head to toe in green. Those were the lasts. Then come the hopes. I hope that I can stand with my class one more time, I hope that I can receive my diploma in front of family, friends, and teachers. I hope I hope I hope. After this drift, I then center back to reality. Wow, this is my senior year. 

I believe that students remember their senior year because, for many, it is their first substantial milestone. This is one thing that resonates with the class of 2021. We will recall our senior year as the year we wore our masks in school, the year we walked single file down the hallway, the year we knew our teachers from an image on the screen, the year we graduated from high school in a pandemic. Even though this will be our reflection, different from most high school seniors, it is ours, making us responsible for how we choose to feel about it. This brings us to the final step: what will we do with our unique feelings and thoughts? Yes, the pandemic is quite frankly irksome. But after taking that step back and looking at the environment around us, we realize that growth comes from grief. To know that we made it through when the going got rough, to know we have the exceptional support of our community and teachers, and to know we have an everlasting bond with our peers is the way I prefer to reflect on my senior year.


About the Author: 

Allison Herman is currently a senior at Central High School.  She has been actively involved in class office all four years, currently serving as fifth member.  She is a member of Central’s chapters of the National Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society, and the National English Honor Society.  Additionally, she serves vice-president of philanthropy and secretary for the National Charity League.  During her time at Central, Allison rowed for the Crew Club, played Varsity Basketball, and was a member of the Life of an Athlete group.  Allison will attend Texas Christian University in Fort Worth next year.