NOW HIRING: Committee Coordinator, Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee 

Position Overview: The Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee seeks a Coordinator in order to build meaningful relationships with community members from groups historically underserved and underrepresented in citywide public and civic engagement initiatives. The Committee Coordinator will lead from behind by working with community representatives to design authentic opportunities to share their hopes, dreams, and ideas for Manchester’s public schools and Manchester more broadly. 

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Manchester, NH Details: $30/hour; 20 hours/week; December 2019 – June 2020

Other Details: Some evening/weekend work, flexible schedule, mileage and expense reimbursement

Application deadline: Please apply by end of day on December 23, 2020 for guaranteed consideration. 


The Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee is being formed to engage a broader group of people from diverse racial/ethnic, linguistic, socioeconomic, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, education level, and cultural backgrounds, who have been historically underserved and underrepresented in citywide public and civic engagement initiatives. 

The inspiration and commitment to form a Manchester Inclusivity and Equity Committee emerged from Manchester Proud, a volunteer and community driven effort that is working with the Manchester School District and a Community Planning Group to develop the next plan for the future of our public schools. Manchester Proud recognizes that deeper success of the initiative can be realized only with our ability to authentically hear from and include voices of the most marginalized communities. While this work is being launched by Manchester Proud, the Manchester Inclusivity & Equity Committee will be independently governed by members of the community. 

MISSION & VISION: The Manchester Inclusivity & Equity Committee would develop its own mission and vision statements to reflect authentic community voice. The name of this committee is also subject to change once formed. 

DESIRED RESULTS: While the Manchester Inclusivity & Equity Committee is being formed, the following desired results are proposed to convey the aims this Committee was recommended to serve, namely to: 

  • Assemble a group of Manchester residents who represent the full range of diversity in the city, including cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious, ability/disability status, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and other types of diversity, and are committed to equity and inclusion in Manchester public schools and in all aspects of city life; 
  • Create a forum for multicultural collaboration, exchange, teaching and learning, and insight regarding issues affecting communities of color and minorities in Manchester, particularly as they intersect with and impact the experiences of and opportunities available to Manchester School District students and their families; 
  • Serve as a representative group of residents who are trusted members of Manchester’s communities of color and other minority groups and whose voices are considered to be authentic by their peers; and 
  • Establish a mechanism by which communities of color and other minority groups in Manchester will contribute to and hold Manchester Proud, particularly in its planning process, and the public systems and civic organizations that will support implementation of the plan, accountable for addressing issues of equity and inclusion in education. 


To build on a thoughtful initial design for the Inclusivity and Equity Committee, we are looking for a Committee Coordinator to oversee the following activities: 

Relationship Building and Grassroots Outreac

  • Deep relationship-building within and across diverse communities in Manchester, including people of all racial/ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, people of different abilities, people of all gender and sexual orientation identities, people of all faiths and religious affiliations, people of all nationalities and ethnicities, including newly arrived immigrants and refugees, and all others who self-identify as minorities
  • Listening to representatives of many different communities in Manchester to understand their concerns and dreams for the future
  • Recruiting and supporting community members with a stake in education and community matters to serve as “Lead Organizers”* 
  • Supporting Lead Organizers to conduct outreach in their networks to learn about community needs, recruiting additional community members, and holding meetings in the community when needed (homes, churches, community centers, and other places people feel comfortable)

Meeting Design and Facilitation 

  • Facilitate and/or design meetings in a way that creates open, inclusive and safer spaces and that allows many voices to be heard 
  • Support Lead Organizers to inform meeting design and lead portions of conversation 
  • Work with people and technology to identify best timing for meetings 
  • Arrange for food, supplies, space, and other logistics for relevant meetings 
  • Take notes in meetings and capture next steps 

Making Connections between Manchester Proud and Community 

  • Attend meetings and learn about the range of places where decisions are being made that affect youth and families in Manchester 
  • Build trusting relationships with decision-makers and stakeholders representing businesses, organizations, schools, etc. 
  • Understand and help convey to others the current work of Manchester Proud to develop the next plan for the future of our public schools, as one component of the broader work 
  • Be an everyday advocate for equitable, diverse, inclusive spaces 



  • Relentless comfort with building and deepening relationships 
  • Passion for improving the future of Manchester with input from all kinds of voices 
  • Ability to juggle many moving parts 
  • Basic comfort with email and computers 
  • Written and conversational fluency in English 
  • Knack for building bridges across difference 
  • Experience working within and across historically marginalized communities, including minority racial/ethnic, cultural and linguistic groups 
  • Ability to maintain trust in times of tension or disagreement 
  • Access to reliable transportation (whatever that may be) 


  • Lived experience with minority racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, ability/disability, and/or socioeconomic groups 
  • Experience working within and across different historically marginalized communities 
  • Fluency in at least one language other than English 


If you would like additional background information or are interested in learning more about the work of Manchester Proud, please visit the Manchester Proud website: 

If you have specific questions about this position, please email your question to us at, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. 

The successful Coordinator will be able to engage and meet with community members in places that are convenient for them in all parts of Manchester. The place where this Coordinator will be housed is yet to be determined. 


Send an email to with Your Name: Committee Coordinator in the subject line. Please attach a resume and a short cover letter expressing why you are interested in this role and what skills or experience you will bring to it. 

For guaranteed consideration, apply no later than the end of day on December 23, 2019. NOTE: The due date for submitting resumes has been extended one week. 


*Lead Organizers will work with the Coordinator to build relationships and trust and will serve as connectors between the Coordinator and members of the Community. Lead Organizers will build shared context, help set the agenda for what the Committee should discuss, and recruit people they know to attend meetings. (Lead Organizers will be volunteers but will receive a small stipend to account for the time they take away from family, work, etc.