Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning – Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners

Year One Progress Report

Incredibly, it has been one year since the Board of School Committee adopted our district’s new strategic plan, “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning – Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners.” One year in, this first anniversary brings great cause for celebration as progress unimagined a year ago has been achieved. In early March, the Manchester Proud Dashboard Work Group will share a full progress report with the Board of School Committee detailing the incredible progress and achievements of the past year. The Dashboard Work Group will also soon unveil a new community dashboard so that future progress and milestones can be easily shared and communicated to the community.

In anticipation of the full progress report set to be presented to the Board of School Committee, we are excited to share with you a sneak peek of the progress achieved to date:

  • Initiatives within each of the Plan’s over-arching goals: “Grow our Learners”, “Grow our Educators”, and “Grow our System”, are underway, many already accomplished!
  • In total, the progress report notes 23 specific accomplishments aligned with the strategic plan’s overarching goals that are completed or in progress.
  • In the “Grow our Learners” category, the report highlights progress in areas such as Extended Learning Opportunities, Multi-Tiered System of Supports to provide individualized learning, and reforms to the district’s course catalog and graduation requirements in order to align offerings with the plan’s “Profile of a Graduate.”
  • In the “Grow our Educators” category, the report notes efforts underway to strengthen and enhance professional development resources for educators, a strong commitment to Equity for ALL Learners through the adoption of inclusive and equitable practices, and the creation of new evaluation plans for principals, school networks, and educators in order to enable our professionals to do their best work.
  • In the “Grow our System” category, the report shares critical and impactful progress on the development of a system-wide School-Community Partnership Network, several new hires and staffing changes made by the district to enhance outcomes and align with the strategic plan, and the district’s creation and hiring of a new Chief Equity Officer position in partnership with Manchester Proud.

This “sneak peek” summary only scratches the surface of the progress and achievements of the past year. Our community can be assured, the integrity of our community’s plan has withstood the challenges of 2020, real and impactful progress is underway, and 2021 is poised to be yet another transformative year for our students, school district, and community. Stay tuned for the full reveal of the year one progress report in a few short weeks – ONWARD!